Friday, February 13, 2004

Mississippi Bound 

It's the count down!!! 1 hour and 22 minutes until we leave for the Mississippi Mission Trip. Although I am not too excited about the 24 hour long bus ride (it has it's pros and cons), I can hardly wait to be there in shorts and a t-shirt, eating cat fish and biscuits, and running around New Orleans, the heartland of jazz roots (well aside from Africa, that is). I am not altogether too sure what we will be required to do as far as construction and repairs go, but I have to admit that I feel a little apprehensive...I am sure that it will be good for me though.

On another note in response to Rob J.'s last entry on tech-communication; it certainly resonates with me that he said "Yet this artificial barrier seems to presuppose a devalueing of certain key facets of interpersonal communication." The girls in my dorm and I had a devotional once based on "The 5 Love Languages" upon which Melissa Kuipers and I discovered that we are very much "Word" people. This basically means that we need to interact with people, to express ourselves directly, and to receive positive affirmation of our worth and value through the words of others. Communication (in a physical sense) is irreplacably important to us. This barrier is one that can often cause a great deal of miscommunication and misunderstanding, as body language, tone and physical interpretation are so vital to the way that we relate to others. I don't think this means that writing an e-mail, or discussing Lockian and Cartesian philosophy over MSN is horribly wrong and useless. However, I can see how it perpetuates the individualism prevalent within our society.

Anyhow, I also wanted to just personally comment on my last blog before I leave. I realized that I may have sounded as though I was implying that all Bloggers are pretentious. I definitely didn't mean to imply that. As a matter of fact, I haven't myself come across a "pretentious" Blogger. They probably exist, as a comrade of mine affirmed they do. I simply meant to qualify my Blog as not-one-of-those-if-they-exist Blogs. Aside from that, I have found a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment from reading blogs. People's Personal Ponderous Posts. It's addictive.

So, I will go now and complete my packing/eating. On a musical note (hehehe), everyone should really check out Damien Rice and Teitur. Two new and upcomings. To be greatly enjoyed, guaranteed. (I will figure out the links thing later, but for now you are on your own).

Moi-moi (It's Finnish),
Rach <><

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

A Random thought that is incredibly important 

When Jay, Mira, and I were at the Teitur concert on the weekend we saw a poster for a comedy act called Scrambled Leggs. Jay said that when we get married we should call ourselves that.


Innocent Blogger 

Wow...it has been a long time since I have blogged. I almost feel like I forget how to do it. But, I have decided that for the next half hour I will "sacrifice my studies to the blog gods" (in the words of Chris Crookall) and allow my brain to brush stroke onto this cyber-palette. The way I feel today, the art of my philosophy and personal meditation will be more like Impressionism than Renaissance.

I have reflected a great deal on the wise words of one of my fellow Redeemer bloggers, that he shared as we sat in a van on a sketchy street in Hamilton drinking luke-warm hot chocolate (that was originally intended for the homeless...but we had trouble finding any one past their shelter curfew) and consuming the comfort of digestive cookies. We (as a group of 9) were discussing the Blog culture that is incessantly expanding on our campus. A certain young man, though I will not release his identity, confessed that he experienced the Blog and was compelled to abandon it due to the unquenchable desire he had to Blog rather than submit to his studies. Poor Dylon Nofziger. I am not sure that that was the way Dylon Nofziger worded his confession, but it was something along those lines. Others refused to surrender unto the Blog. I believe that for them it is only a matter of time. The Blog is inescapable, insurmountable.

Then out of the enveloping darkness, Brian Harskamp pierced the silence saying (again, paraphrased), "The Blog is a place where people can write down their thoughts, and their philosophies. The only thing is that some Bloggers are pretentious and really just want recognition or to hear their own voices..." It was then that I was converted. I fasted from the Blog for over a week and finally concluded that I, Rachel Epps, would be an innocent Blogger. I refuse to Blog under the pretense of ultra-intelligence. I am a red neck from Bowmanville. I can never promise to even make sense when I Blog.

Whew. That was hard. But it had to be said.

So I have declared that I am an Innocent Blogger, redeemed and set free. If any one else would like to comment on what kind of Blogger they are, please do. Except for Dylon...we already know he is a semi-non-Blogger.


P.S. Blogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblog (That is the rest of what I wanted to write today, that I have run out of time for and will have to disclose tomorrow).

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