Friday, March 26, 2004

I'm a Goldfish in Redeemer's Bowl.  

Today has been just one really "out-of-the-bubble" day. For some reason I am reminded of some lyrics from an Ani DiFranco song that Jay taught me. Something about being a goldfish in a bowl whose little plastic castle surprises her every single time. Sometimes I feel like that fish. Sometimes I just need to get out of here to be reminded that there is more to life than around this plastic castle.

This morning I had a really interesting discussion in Room 111 with just Mira, Jay and Rafik Kamel. A number of issues heating up our school (homosexuality, feminism...) were the topics of choice. As we were discussing male headship I came to fully appreciate that God formed men and women so that they would compliment each other just so. I certainly do not feel that men and women are equally endowed with all of the same gifts, but that is truly the beauty of our partnership with our significant others. I believe that the abilities that we have been given accordingly, although often quite different, are exactly what unites us into a single whole. And with that complete understanding of those separate gifts and acceptance therewith we come also to more deeply understand the character of Christ, and just how equal we are regardless of our gender differences and varying weaknesses or strengths (whew...run-on sentence). I think it is critical to recognize the kind of leadership that Paul speaks of when he discusses male headship. When Paul says that man must love his wife as Christ loved the church, most importantly we need to remember that Christ served the church by dying for it and that is the form of leadership that men are then called to. To love their wives with that devotion, and to love Christ that much more, will make them a "little Christ" servant and leader. To serve their wives in their leadership. As women, we must understand that submitting to our husbands is equally important, and a humility that Christ calls us to. But, if all men served (led) the way that I believe Christ intended, we would absolutely want to submit to our men. Our inherent needs for provision, safety, and comfort are met while our counterparts' needs for serving, providing, and attending are met.

Galatians 3:28 "There is no longer Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female, for all of you are ONE in CHRIST JESUS"
There's that oneness that God intended for all his people. How much more for man and wife who come together FOR LIFE in the celebrated harmony of their complimenting differences?

Anyhow, about that bubble. Jay and I went out with Adam Britain and Camille Lakjer (Adam's fiancee) to this little nifty cafe called The Bean Bar (which apparently proudly supports homosexuality, which is a whole other topic that I would love to discuss but will refrain from doing). And as I looked around I just felt so isolated from the world (which in a sense is good, but also bad) and that I don't even know what kinds of things truly happen out there. I feel very ignorant. What does it man to be fully a part of the world today? How deep has sin etched itself into people's lives? I don't hear about it anymore. And I am not sure I want to. But I have just had this longing to hear someone's story, and then to ask them "How do you feel about having the most inexplicable joy fill your heart for all of eternity?"

I am really tired...and I am certain that half of this blog didn't make any sense. So go easy on me, boys.

In Him I sleep,

Rach <><

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Lost in Procrastination 

I wish I had something interesting to say right now. I don't. But, I wanted to let you fellow bloggers know that I was thinking of you.

P.S. Anticipating the upcoming bloggers' convivium, but apparently I must meet a certain quota of blogs before I am able to attend (thanks Rob J.) :o)!

Friday, March 12, 2004

Spain's 9/11 

I am always so perturbed by the front page of the newspaper. How often does the media explode onto the front page with good news? Exciting news? Miraculous news? A Baby Was Born! Today is National Something Day! There Are Missionaries Bringing the Gospel to the Lost Everyday! Jesus Lives! We Are An Affluent Country!

So, inevitably I opened the paper today and was struck in the face by a photo of a mangled railway car, charred and unrecognizable aside from the caption below. Spain had been victimized by terrorist bombings of what is believed to be the Al Qaeda. The ETA (Basques of the Fatherland and Freedom) is also suspected to have had a part in the attacks. What is this? I cannot believe how morally eroded our world has become over the course of time. There were 190 people killed, and over 1,200 injured! Descriptions of the explosions' victims were graphic. I am so internally seared by the images and the mental visualizations and yet I cannot even begin to comprehend the pain and suffering that results from such viscious and senseless cruelty. It hits me when I think "What was I doing at 7:50 am yesterday morning when Madrid was suffering the loss of loved ones?" We just have no idea what that must be like.

And yet, I know that the day of Christ's coming is approaching and when I see how lost and misled God's children are I can still have hope in that day. Let's keep Spain and the March 11th victims in our prayers.

All That Jazz 

So now that I am beginning to understand the clockwork of this whole Blog thing, particularly the simplicity of adding a link, I am going to discuss my more recent musical interests and even include some not-to-be-ignored links to the artists' websites. Yay!

First of all, not more than 1 hour ago I was myself introduced to an artist named Damien Rice. After another adventure with Mira (it's always an adventure with Mira) at Limeridge, I wound up with a rather substantial bruise to my bank account and --amidst my many treasures-- Damien Rice's CD "O." Just a foretaste, the Yahoo review described this rather unusual (and seemingly disturbed) artist as an "Irish singer-songwriter creating intense melodic music underpinned by emotionally acute lyrics." I would like to meet the individual who writes those little blurbs underneath the website link. Anyhow, yeah. That pretty much expresses his general style. Alot of cello, strings, acoustic guitar in the forefront, and nice blend of both male and female vocals. There is even a clarinet intro to one of the songs. I highly recommend the piece "Cold Water" and another titled "Canonball." I think Jay, Ben Goheen, and myself may be attempting one of the songs for the upcoming Coffee House.

Next, Tom Waits. I cannot tell you much about him. I have heard one song, but I really enjoyed his deep, raspy voice. Kind of reminiscent of Louis Armstrong's style. Jazzy.

I think everyone who knows Jay and I, know that we are HUGE Jack Johnson fans. Actually, of all the more recent indy artists I have heard, he is most certainly my favourite. As of right now, he has two CD's that I know of: "BrushFire Fairytales" and "On and On". He has also produced a film titled "Thicker than Water" which apparently covers his personal surfing expeditions around the world. There is a soundtrack with original tunes that can now also be purchased at a not-too-friendly price. This website is great for the Bonus Audio and Video Tracks, as well as for a picture of Jack with a goat. Kind of random.

Two words. Ben Folds. If you haven't already heard him, you need to. Bottom line. You must have heard "Brick" ("She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly...") and thought it was beautiful! Caution: Some of his pieces have some pretty explicit lyrics. Mainly, his band was led by him on piano, lots of percussion, and phenomenal vocals. Now that the band his split up, it is just him rockin' out on his keys, but still wooing audiences and throwing them into fits of frenzy. Well...kind of. When Jay and I went to see him last November, we were thrown into fits of frenzy.

Ok, that's it. Another long blog...which according to Mikey is a Blogging faux pas. Meh.

Rach <><

P.S. Another plug for Ben Folds...he was pounding his keys so hard at the Detroit concert (where we were) that he broke a piano string. Intense.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Nocturnal Reflections 

Well, after a greatly prolonged period of suspended tension to Blog but never having the time or energy to do so, I have given into my super ego urges that insist it is therapeutic for me to disclose my contemplated notions. I am also giving into peer pressure.

I feel like my thoughts right now will be rather random and unstructured. As of late, I have not been organizing them. But, I would like to enclose my personal tidbits of today's intriguing reflections. First of all, I had the philopophy of analytic, synthetic, a priori, and a posteriori truths at the forefront of my mind today and I am certain that made me seem very disoriented and disinterested in what anyone else was saying. Did you know that Hume coined the term "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?" I think that is a wonderful phrase to give hope that there is a myriad of perspectives on the aesthetics of all things--art, music, literature, architecture, human physicality, etc.,--aside from the superimposed ideals of our media and culture. With unique and varying elements of personality, one brings an extraordinary view to that which is beheld. Neat. Furthermore, it is with these differentiated views that movements of ideals occur. Avant-gardism. Also neat. I am not certain that was what Hume was discussing, actually I am pretty sure it wasn't. But I sure am.

Now, on another totally divergent note. I have to say that Terry Tate: Office Linebacker is one of the funniest ads I have been exposed to. Not necessarily because it was outrageously funny itself (though it was definitely a product of marketing genius), but more because I watched for the first time with Rob Joustra and he was laughing so hard I thought he would fall out of his chair. What a contagious laugh! Perhaps, we should get a linebacker for our own Redeemer office, with students like Mira Ponomarenko wreaking havoc in there. Or better yet, for our Student Senate. There needs to be some sort of authority where ever Rob J., Mikey Arce, and Sam Frisk are concerned. That Dave Vlasblom can get out of hand sometimes too.

Lastly, I want to include my thoughts on my Sunday night excursion with Mira and Jay. Around 11 o'clock we arrived at the Gown and Gavel in Hess to perform for the Open Mic. When we entered the upper room, it was quite evident that we were newcomers within a very intimate crowd. Crass jokes and obscenities from every corner of the room, including the stage, made me wince with disgust. I haven't heard such things in a very long time. All part of being within the Redeemer bubble. After we got up to sing, we had received the warmest welcome and reception compared to many other venues we have performed in. We were also introduced to some very gifted musicians with very new age ideas, but who were all incredibly nice. So I came up against this internal wall. Where do you draw the line between "being of the world, but not in it" ? I want to be so transparent, vitreous, and real so that Christ is seen in me no matter where I am. But, I also struggle with wanting to be entirely neutral and unresponsive to all the things I hear so as to be more approachable until I build trust, and then be able to discuss my faith. I realize how contrary to scripture this approach would be. I hope that the integrity of Christ in me would attract non-believers to me, even as I do not show support for their lifestyles. By support, I do not mean partaking in some ungodly activity. I simply mean being inert to share my faith at critical moments. Not being supportive of such ways of life=sharing Christ whenever I am feeling the spiritual tension within my being (and of course, at all times). The question is how? On a day- to-day basis with non-believers...how? It is much more difficult when you are not being upheld by your peers on a high energy mission trip.

This is a really long blog. That should get me off the hook for now, and perhaps allow me entrance into the next Blogger's Convivial Bash. Maybe not. Well, until tomorrow, bonne nuit and calaneeta (not the right spelling...it's Greek) fellow Bloggers.

Rach <><

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

With every intention of Blogging 

I am on my way to Limeridge for Banquet dress shopping. I have a lot to blog and will do so later. Or else Rob J. will likely express his discontent with my blogging well-being.


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