Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Lethargy is bliss 

Ok, I know it has been forever since I last wrote. I have heard the many, many complaints and the comments that I have no excuses for abandoning my blog for such an extended time. To be completely honest, I would sit and stare at my computer thinking "I really should blog" and then the next instant say "meh" and go downstairs to get a spoonful of peanut butter (or some other quirky thing I eat). I feel like my brain has been on pause since I came home. I have been sleeping, eating, and sleeping. There's been some praying. There's been some movement on the part of my legs... occasionally. But, until yesterday I felt like I was in perma-lethargic mode. Leave it to Mira to say "Come on old lady, let's go" and drag me all over Toronto with her. My body is KILLING me today. But at least I feel like there is actually blood pumping through my veins.

So yeah, Mira and I went into Toronto yesterday to do some bridesmaids dress shopping. I was up at 6:30 a.m. to catch the Go into the city and then Mira and I gallavanted all over TO on another one of our adventures. We had some strange experiences. There was definitely this little old Asian man who tried to bowl me over with his cart. I mean, like I tried to dodge him and he pointed his cart straight at me and like a raging bull plowed toward me. He ran over my foot! Later we were walking by this homeless guy who was nurturing his four pet rats on his arm. That was...weird.

I don't know what it is about being on the subway in Toronto, but for some reason I always feel like I am in a movie. The strangest feeling is when I look at all the people around me, and in good ol' familiar dramatic style I wonder to myself "Where is that person going? Where have they come from? Who are they going home to? Anyone? What is their life story?" And then it occurs to me that none of those people know who I am either. I am just a number. Another person. What is happening in my life may or may not be a question on their mind when they look at me. I am just some girl that evaporates from their memory as soon as I step off that magical sub-terranean vehicle. It's a place, just like the bus or plane, that seems to unite us if even momentarily, in the pulse and movement of life. It's so rarely that any real lasting connection is ever made here. I have decided to capture one face in my mind everytime I step onto the bus, or train, or subway car, sear it into my memory and then pray for that face (not just their face...I will pray for the whole person) that same day. Maybe, if I pray right then and there I can pray for a whole bunch of faces! Yah! It may seem like a strange notion. It kind of is, I guess. I'll let you know how it is going.

Another one of my strange goals for the summer, is to make my way over to Pearson Airport and sit at the arrival gate and watch people reunite. I think that this spot is one of the best local places to go to witness the deep love that people have for each other. The phrase "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" comes to mind. Just once, to warm my spirit, I want to do that. I watched the film "Love Actually" (which I thought was rubbish) and this idea sprouted from the introduction of the movie. Perhaps the only worthwhile part of the film....though I'm sure that would be argued.

Anyhoo, enough ramblin' for one blog. You all have a rather spiffin' day!


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