Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Frugal Bride 

You know, this wedding thing is really bogus. I can't believe how much emphasis people put on tradition, leaving no room for individuality and personal expressiveness. I keep hearing comments like:

"Oh, you aren't having a cake? Well, that's different, isn't it?"

"You have how many bridesmaids? Five! That's HUGE!"

"You're having the wedding in Hamilton? Ew, it's gross."

Etc., etc.,

I am also finding that the more I plan this wedding, the more I despise the global (or specifically, North American/European)system. Nothing is ever easy, and you can't survive without a mastercard. And why do I have to put deposits on EVERYTHING?!!! I try to cut costs wherever possible, but this wedding thing is like the hoover vaccuum of the societal sphere.

All in all, I am actually really enjoying the minute details of planning this wedding. It can be a very personal and wonderful way to creatively express the relationship you share with your other half. Jay and I are pleasantly surprised with just how well things are coming along, and can hardly wait for JB5 to play at our reception. There's nothing like live jazz and chocolate covered fruit (instead of the cake) to make it feel like it was all worth it!!!

Monday, June 14, 2004

I am SCHMOOTH...oh and STAG AND DOE.  

So, I have had the most unbelievably crazy past few weeks. I have never felt more horribly uncoordinated and awkward than in this past month. It all started a few weeks ago when I was working out (bad idea...never go to Body PUMP when you think you're going to Body Flow...my body definitely flows more than it pumps) and I severely pulled a muscle in my right arm that kept me from using it for a few days. That same weekend I was at a get together with the girls from Dorm 11, when Ashley accidentally smushed my finger in the car door...and on the same debilitated right arm! So then, I went home, which seemed like a safe idea, and I dyed my hair what was supposed to be a coppery red colour, and it turned out orange! I had this gigantic orange streak down the back of my head, something like a mohawk, which I am sure you can imagine looked awesome on me! So if that wasn't enough, I started my first shift doing catering for the Parkwood gala, which is a silent auction fundraiser for the Oshawa hospital. The ballroom was beautiful! Entirely marble, exquisite chandeliers, impeccable table arrangements...the whole place was enchanting. Especially, when I dropped three beautiful entrees on the floor. And then cried.Then, a few days ago I got in my first car accident. I won't even get into those details...thankfully, it wasn't anything serious. But, wow. Do I ever feel graceful, elegant and dainty.

So enough about that. The EXCITING news is that our Stag and Doe is this coming weekend, and it is going to be one incredible time! Melissa, Katrina, Mira, Ashley, Dylon and Chris have put an amazing amount of time into organizing this thing, and I am so thrilled with how it's turned out! I am going to post the info from Kat below. I would love to see you guys there!


The marvelous RACHEL EPPS and the stunning JASON LEGG are soon to be married!

On June 18th,

there’s going to be a HUGE party, and YOU want to be there!

The evening features a BBQ starting at 6:30pm, lots of FANTASTIC games, and an amazing CONCERT starting at 8pm!

This gala is in the wonderful Dylon Nofziger’s backyard, so you will want to come prepared with lawn chairs. The event is also BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze), but there will be lots of delicious refreshments available at the party. The concert features amazing musical talent, such as the great tunes of James Blomendaal, Laura Stewart, Ashley Hayman, Mikey Arce, Nathan Martin, Ben Goheen, and Mira Ponomarenko!

So buy your ticket today! Tickets are $8 and we would love it if you bought them in advance from Mira Ponomarenko at 905-304-6510, Ashley Hayman at 519-622-8026, or Dylon Nofziger at 905-304-9145 .

So please spread the word around (forward this email :o)!) about this great time on June 18th and I hope to see you there – it’s going to be an AWESOME time!

Directions to Dylon’s backyard:

-from the 403 (and/or QEW… just take the QEW to the 403 Brantford):

Take the Garner Road exit. Turn left onto Garner/Rymal Road. Just before the Redeemer University College building, turn left onto Kitty Murry Lane. The house in on the right, and is #421.

-from the LINC take the Garth St exit. Turn away from the lake (if you’re going East take a left) all the way down Garth Street. Almost at the end, turn right on Garner Road/Rymal Road. Just past Redeemer University College, turn right on Kitty Murry Lane, and Dylon’s house is # 421.

Rach <><

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